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We welcome your comments and feedback on your experience with SharkBase, and we will endeavour to do whatever we can to ensure a positive and user friendly experience for all.

If you wish to contact the SharkBase team, please direct your comments to us here, but, before you do, please read through the frequently asked questions below to ensure that your question has not already been answered.


Frequently Asked Questions


After registering, I can’t login to the SharkBase website, what should I do?

After entering your details in to the registration screen, you should have been informed that a registration email has been sent to the email address that you provided. Only when you follow the prompts in the email will your account be activated.  If you do not receive this email, you can request another to be sent via the registration page. Alternatively, it is likely that the verification email is in your SPAM folder. The email has the following subject “Welcome to Shark-Base”. If this still does not work, we recommend that you try a different email address.


I received an error when I verified my account through the registration email that was sent to me, why?

The registration email is only valid for 48hrs, and so if you do not follow the link in this time, you will have to re-register with SharkBase.  If you attempt to login without first verifying your account, you'll be taken to a “Resend Activation email” screen, if you do resend, you will get another 48hrs to verify your account. If you accidently click the registration link more than once, it may display a page with the following error “The activation code you entered is incorrect, expired or has already been used” because it thinks you are already registered, in which case, you should attempt to login as normal.


When I go to login, I keep getting redirected to a password reminder screen, why?

You need to clear your browser history/cookies and attempt to login again. If this does not work, we recommend that you try a different browser.


I can’t upload any photos to my sighting record. What can I do to fix this?

Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the size of the photos you are submitting, it may take some time to upload.  If the session times out before the upload is complete, your photos will not be added to your sighting record.  We recommend that you reduce the size of your photos before uploading and try uploading fewer photos at once.


There is a mistake in one of my sighting records.  How do I change it?

Before a sighting record has been verified by our scientists, you may edit the record by selecting it from your list of sightings and clicking ‘Edit’.  However, once the sighting has been verified, it will no longer be editable. In this case, you may contact us and request that we make any recommended edits to the sighting record.


I uploaded a sighting, but it is not appearing in the public database, why?

When sighting records are uploaded, they are automatically listed as ‘unverified’ until they have been reviewed by our scientists. If the sighting records contain all the necessary information, when they have been reviewed by our scientists they will be listed as ‘verified’ and shared in the public database. If sighting records are missing crucial information (such as date or location) they will remain unverified. Whether verified or not, your personal sightings will always be available in ‘My Sightings’ for your own records.